Add a little colour and a lot of music to your little ones’ lives! Maypole with Molly features a height-adjustable maypole, colourful ribbons, live piano accordion music and percussion instruments for kids to tap away on. No experience is necessary: just a few kids, a little energy and a camera provide a fun, memorable activity. Kids will develop a greater appreciation of dance and music and may even develop a few social skills.

Shirleyanne Myers painted a pretty picture of Molly and her Maypole at the Cobargo Folk Festival.

Maypole dancing has a rich history throughout Europe and has diversified into many different styles. Join Molly and her helpers for a fun maypole dance experience and learn how to create colourful patterns on the maypole. Have a go at the energetic Barber’s Pole or be challenged by a more elaborate Austrian-inspired Bandltanz, where kids and adults weave a creative pattern around the pole. You could try ‘spinning’ a Spider’s Web or just join in on percussion to live accordion music.

We were also known as Miss Molly’s Maypole and Maypole Dancing for Kids.

All ages are welcome, so come along and do some Maypole with Molly.

Our next gigs are at

Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival – October 19 & 20,  Sat 11:15 & Sun 11:00am

Majors Creek Festival – November 8 – 10, Sat 10:00am & Sun 10:30am

Cobargo Folk Festival – Feb 28 – March 1, Times TBA

National Folk Festival April 9 – 13, Times TBA